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The Widely Neglected Healing Power of Music

"Music, I’ve found, can communicate; it can become in tune with our bodies and brains, not just our ears. The layers making up a song — the symphonic blend of lyrics, instruments, beats and rhythms — not only generate basic pleasure, but also help us to understand, express and release our more complex emotions and experiences."


Living with Both DID and Schizophrenia

We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations that we established when we are young. When we envisioned our futures, we never dreamed of carrying the burden of a mental illness. To many, this may seem more like a nightmare. However, having lived with a comorbid diagnosis for over 27 years, I can tell you that I have been able to find recovery and peace with my diagnoses.


Supporting Mental Health in The Workplace

"As an HR executive, I often receive questions about mental health support from managers and senior leaders. These questions — and the experience of losing a family friend to suicide earlier this year — have inspired me to focus on mental health support in the workplace."


Breaking Through Family Trauma: Finding Healing and Forgiveness


Until recently, I spent much of my 55 years feeling “chased” by my past, struggling to stay one step ahead of my memories. It’s a past I wanted — and needed — to run from for a long time.

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